Sunday, January 15, 2012

Five Things You Must Know When It Comes To Sed Cards

Starting out with runway modeling? One of the beginning things you definitely must do is create a comp card. So what are comp cards, and what ought you know about them? Let me share five things that any up and coming model should know about comp cards.

5. What Are Comp Cards?

Comp cards, also often called comp cards, are in a way a headshot for runway models. It includes a group of pictures from the model's work, and it lists the model's important stats. Comp cards should also identify contact numbers for the model or for the group of which the model is a part.

When you get down to it a comp card is a starting point between the model and a hoped for employer. Any time you go on a casting call, they will expect you to give them a comp card - like a performer would drop off a headshot or a average interviewee would leave a resume.

4. What Kind of Images Go On a comp Card?

A comp card is kind of a small, focused portfolio. You have to catch the eye of your hoped for director, and also show a little range. A comp card often starts with a headshot or similar tight shot on the first side, and a set of a few photographs on the other side. The other side of the card should display some variety - different kinds of make-up, modeling, hair, etc. Here is also a good location to include head to two pics, in lieu of the close up on the face of the card.

3. What Stuff Should Go on a Comp Card?

The information on the comp card has two goals - to share size and measurements and to list contact numbers. You should list the expected sizes like chest/bust, waist, hips, height, and weight. You could want to list eye color and hair color, yet this is less pivotal if it changes from time to time. You could also decide to include shoe size.

For the contact information, that's something for you to decide. You normally include the best way for the person to reach you. If you maintain a website or online portfolio, you would want to include that. If you have a dedicated phone number, you would want to include that too. I would probably include an e-mail address too.

2. How Large Is a Comp Card?

Designers will show you plenty of different sizes, but the normal size of a comp card is 5. 5" x 8. 5". Comp cards were at first designed on A4 sized paper (~8. 5" x 11"), but this later became A5 size (~5. 5" x 8. 5") in the seventies. The designer might offer you a slightly smaller\different size (~5" x 8") to cut back on paper and make the cards more cost effective. It's better to stay with the normal standard, however.

1. What Quality Paper Should You Use?

Comp cards should be made on good quality, thick card stock. In the way of paper weight, the weight should be from 12pt and 14pt. Anything thinner than 12pt will seem crappy; you don't want to appear cheap. Some designers are now offering cards printed on photo-quality paper, just as they print "greeting cards" printed on photo paper. Though they could suggest that it could lead to nicer color quality, a nice quality printer can print colors well on card stock. You ought to stick with the usual stock so that your card is thicker and more tough, rather than going for the thinner photo paper.

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